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Antimatter News

2022-12-12 - ALICE estimates how transparent the Milky Way is to antimatter - (cern)
2022-04-07 - LHCb reveals secret of antimatter creation in cosmic collisions - (cern)
2021-08-25 - Two-trap cooling promises antimatter precision - (cern)
2021-03-31 - ALPHA cools antimatter using laser light for the first time - (cern)
2020-11-03 - A transportable antiproton trap to unlock the secrets of antimatter - (cern)
2020-09-18 - A mobile antiproton reservoir for precision measurements - (cern)
2018-03-11 - The PUMA project: Antimatter goes nomad - (cern)
2018-03-07 - Making antimatter transportable - (cern)
2017-08-04 - First antiprotons in ELENA - (cern)
2016-12-20 - The BASE antiprotons celebrate their first birthday - (cern)
2011-06-05 - CERN experiment traps antimatter atoms for 1000 seconds - (cern)
2010-11-17 - Antimatter atoms successfully stored for the first time (lbl)
2008-11-17 - Billions of particles of anti-matter created in laboratory (llnl)
2006-04-14 - New and improved antimatter spaceship for Mars missions - (nasa)
2004-10-04 - Air Force pursuing antimatter weapons (sfgate)
2000-08-10 - Start-up of CERN's new antimatter factory (cern)
1996-01-04 - First atoms of antimatter produced at CERN (cern)
1985-08-27 - Huge production of antimatter planned (nyt)
1985-06-01 - Concepts, problems, and opportunities for use of annihilation energy: An annotated briefing on near-term RDT&A to assess feasibility -

Antimatter Production

2021-03-02 - Enhancing positron production using front surface target structures -
2020-09-24 - Roadmap to increase antimatter production by 10 billion times -
2013-01-21 - A brief review of antimatter production -
2012-08-22 - Antimatter production for near-term propulsion applications -
2012-08-17 - The prospects for space-based antimatter production -
2011-05-18 - Antimatter production in proton-proton and heavy-ion collisions at ultrarelativistic energies -
2001-07-08 - Antimatter production at a potential boundary -


(cern) CERN

CERN Accelerators

(cern) Accelerators
(cern) Antiproton Decelerator
(cern) Large Hadron Collider

CERN Experiments

(cern) Antihydrogen Laser Physics Apparatus (ALPHA)
(cern) Gravitational Behaviour of Antimatter at Rest (GBAR)
(cern) Isotope mass Separator On-Line facility (ISOLDE)


How ALPHA works -
Why antihydrogen research? -
Science -

Laser cooling of antihydrogen atoms -

CERN Engineering

(cern) Superconductivity
(cern) Superconducting electromagnets

Large Hadron Collider

(wiki) Large Hadron Collider

Future Circular Collider

(wiki) Future Circular Collider
(youtube) Designing the Future Circular Collider

CERN - Future Circular Collider -
Future Circular Collider Study -

Collider News

2020-06-19 - CERN makes bold push to build €21-billion supercollider -
2019-02-05 - CERN considers a 100 TeV circular hadron collider -
2019-12-13 - A new schedule for the LHC and its successor

2018-06-01 - China's bid for a circular electron-positron collider -

Fermilab Antimatter

Fermilab -
Fermilab - (wiki)
Fermilab's antimatter production rate -
2016-09-20 - Matter and antimatter -
New Concepts and Fermilab Facilities for Antimatter Research -
Fermilab Offers Tours of Antimatter Production Site -
Fermilab probes matter-antimatter transitions -
A report on the first Fermilab workshop on antimatter physics at low energy -
Fermilab Physicists Find New Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry -

Antimatter Links

What is antimatter -
The Story of Antimatter -

Antimatter production in practice -
Antimatter: The Production Problem -
Breakthroughs for Antimatter Production and Storage -
Physicists find ways to increase antihydrogen production -
Large-scale antimatter production -
Dense antihydrogen: its production and storage to envision antimatter propulsion -
Developments for pulsed antihydrogen production towards direct gravitational measurement on antimatter -
Mass Production of Antimatter for High-Energy Propulsion -
Innovative Antimatter Production Technologies -
Pulsed production of antihydrogen -
Particle Accelerators Used in the Production of Antimatter -
Non-neutral plasma physics: antimatter production, it's uses and charged particle storage & manipulation -
Antimatter production source? -
How To Make and Trap Antimatter -
Antimatter mass production -
Antimatter production in central Au+Au collisions -
Antimatter production -

Magnetic trap for antimatter -

Energy Density -

Energy Density (GWh/kg)

Antimatter (25,000)
Hydrogen fusion (178)
Uranium (22)

1 Megajoule = 278 Watt hours
1 kilogram antimatter = 2.85 GW for 1 year

Antimatter Production on Yahoo
Antimatter Production on Bing

Antimatter Videos

(youtube) Antimatter Explained
(youtube) Why This Stuff Costs $2700 Trillion Per Gram - Antimatter at CERN

Antimatter Wiki

(wiki) Accelerator physics
(wiki) Antihydrogen
(wiki) Antimatter
(wiki) Antimatter rocket
(wiki) Antimatter weapon
(wiki) Antiparticle
(wiki) Antiproton
(wiki) Brookhaven National Laboratory
(wiki) Electrically powered spacecraft propulsion
(wiki) Electrostatic levitation
(wiki) Fermilab
(wiki) Joule
(wiki) Magnetic lattice (accelerator)
(wiki) Particle accelerator
(wiki) Particle physics
(wiki) Positron
(wiki) Quadrupole ion trap
(wiki) Quadrupole magnet
(wiki) Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider
(wiki) Synchrotron
(wiki) Tevatron


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Bayards Aluminium Constructies BVbayards.comaluminium structures
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Brukerbruker.comsuperconductors, NbTi wire
CAENcaen.itelectronic equipment
Carbolite Gerocarbolite-gero.dehigh-temperature furnaces
Chart Industrieschartindustries.comcryogenic equipment
Criotec Impianticriotec.comcryogenics
Danfysikdanfysik.comquadrupole magnets
Elytt Energyelytt.compermanent quadrupole magnets
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M&I Materialsmimaterials.comtungsten alloys
National Instrumentsni.comtest, measurement and control
Nexansnexans.comsuperconducting wire
NovaPack Technologiesnovapacktech.comchip assembly
OCEM Power Electronicsocem.eupower supplies, power converters
Optim Wafer Servicesoptimwaferservices.comwafer processing
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SIMICsimic.itcryostats, vacuum vessels
SuperPower Inc.superpower-inc.comREBCO superconducting wire
Thermo Fisher
Voestalpine Stahl GmbHvoestalpine.comelectrical steel for magnets

Superconductor news

2020-07-17 - MagLab awarded $1.5M by U.S. Department of Energy to develop better superconductors -

Superconducting materials

(wiki) Niobium-germanium
(wiki) Niobium-tin
(wiki) Helium
(wiki) Helium cryogenics


(wiki) Electromagnetism
(wiki) Solenoid


National High Magnetic Field Laboratory -

Antimatter People

Paul Dirac (wiki)
Carl David Anderson (wiki)
Walter Oelert (wiki)
Elise Wursten
Alexandre Obertelli
Christian Smorra

Antimatter Research

1928-01-02 - The quantum theory of the electron - Paul Dirac -
1933-03-15 - The Positive Electron - Carl D. Anderson -
1934-03-03 - The Positron - Carl D. Anderson -

Recent History of Breakthrough Propulsion Studies

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Antimatter Books

(amazon) Antimatter (The Ultimate Mirror) - Gordon Fraser
(amazon) Discovery of Anti-Matter, The: The Autobiography of Carl David Anderson, the Second Youngest Man to Win the Nobel Prize - Carl David Anderson
(amazon) Mirror Matter: Pioneering Antimatter Physics - Robert L. Forward, Joel Davis
(amazon) Antimatter (Oxford Landmark Science) - Frank Close

Particle Physics

(wiki) Baryon
(wiki) Boson
(wiki) Electron
(wiki) Fermion
(wiki) Hadron
(wiki) Meson
(wiki) Neutron
(wiki) Pion
(wiki) Proton
(wiki) Quark

2021-03-10 - Detection of a particle shower at the Glashow resonance with IceCube -

Magnet Companies

Alstom Power
Asg Superconductors
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Zaklad Produkcji Doswiadczalnej

Limits of Interstellar Flight Technology

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Frisbee, R. H., "How to Build an Antimatter Rocket for Interstellar Missions - Systems Level Considerations in Designing Advanced Propulsion Technology Vehicles," AIAA Paper 2003-4696, 20-23 July 2003.


(wiki) Nuclear fusion
(wiki) Magnetic confinement fusion
(wiki) Tokamak
(wiki) Inertial confinement fusion
(wiki) National Ignition Facility
(wiki) Aneutronic fusion
(wiki) Helium-3
(wiki) Deuterium
(wiki) Lithium
(wiki) Boron

National Ignition Facility -
Fusion Industry Association -

(wiki) Cold fusion
(wiki) Muon
(wiki) Muon-catalyzed fusion

Conditions for High-Yield Muon Catalyzed Fusion -
But cold fusion does exist -
Compact Muon Production and Collection Scheme for High-Energy Physics Experiments -

National Laboratories

Ames Laboratory -
Argonne National Laboratory -
Brookhaven National Laboratory -
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory -
Idaho National Laboratory -
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory -
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory -
Los Alamos National Laboratory -
National Energy Technology Laboratory -
National Renewable Energy Laboratory -
Oak Ridge National Laboratory -
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory -
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory -
Sandia National Laboratories -
Savannah River National Laboratory -
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory -
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility -

2021-02-16 - How to Escape the Confines of Time and Space According to the CIA -
2020-12-07 - The Guy Predicting Stocks With An Army of App-Based Psychics -
2017-07-22 - The US Army Funded Astral Projection and Hypnosis Research in the 80s -
1983-06-09 - Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process -

2019-11-14 - Piezoelectricity-induced High Temperature Superconductor -
2019-09-26 - Plasma Compression Fusion Device -
2019-06-18 - High frequency gravitational wave generator -
2018-11-20 - Electromagnetic field generator and method to generate an electromagnetic field -
2017-11-02 - Craft Using an Inertial Mass Reduction Device -
2006-07-25 - Laser augmented turbojet propulsion system -
1967-05-30 - Magnetohydrodynamic Propulsion Apparatus -

Advanced Space Propulsion Based on Vacuum (Spacetime Metric) Engineering -

Directed-energy weapons

(wiki) Directed-energy weapon
(wiki) Particle beam

Introducing the particle-beam weapon - (

2018-06-21 - U.S. Intel Says China To Have Railgun-Armed Ships By 2025 -
2018-01-31 - Is This Chinese Navy Ship Equipped With An Experimental Electromagnetic Railgun? -

Lockheed Martin Directed Energy -
Lockheed Martin Laser Weapon Systems -
Raytheon Laser Solutions -

Paul Woskov - Into the Bedrock by Full Bore Millimeter-Waves - (youtube)

Gyrotron - (wiki)

Communications & Power Industries -


(wiki) Laser
Jupiter Laser Facility -
IPG Photonics -
TRUMPF Lasers -
Coherent -


(wiki) Hypersonic flight

Lockheed Martin Hypersonics -
Raytheon Hypersonics -
Dynetics Hypersonics -

Hypersonic News

2021-02-09 - US Army begins equipping first unit with hypersonic capability -

2020-10-01 - DOD Official Discusses Hypersonics Development -

2020-08-05 - How the DoD plans to meet its ambitious hypersonic missile test schedule -

2019-10-14 - How the US Army is building a hypersonic weapons business -

2019-08-30 - Here's who will build and integrate the first hypersonic weapon system prototype -

2019-08-07 - Final hypersonic missile contract awards imminent as US Army preps to shoot one in FY21 -

2019-06-04 - Coming soon to the US Army: Combat-capable hypersonic and laser weapons -

2019-06-03 - Here's What The Army's First Ever Operational Hypersonic Missile Unit Will Look Like -

2019-05-01 - The emerging world of hypersonic weapons technology -

2018-03-20 - US Army to demo precision strike, hypersonics, ramjet capabilities in just a few years -


California Institute of Technology -
Institute for Advanced Study -
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory -
Max Planck Society -

Quantum Computing

2021-02-04 - IBM's roadmap for building an open quantum software ecosystem -


(wiki) Artemis Program

European Space Agency (ESA) -
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) -
Canadian Space Agency (CSA) -
Italian Space Agency (ASI) -
Australian Space Agency (ASA) -
UK Space Agency (UKSA) -
United Arab Emirates Space Agency (UAESA) -
State Space Agency of Ukraine -
Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) -

Space News

2021-02-02 - Experts warn of brewing space mining war among US, China and Russia -
2019-09-20 - Russia and China Are Teaming Up to Explore the Moon -
2019-04-11 - USAF Secretary Gives Ominous Warning That Show Of Force Needed To Deter Space Attacks -

Warp Drive

(wiki) Warp drive
(wiki) Speed of light
(wiki) Faster-than-light
(wiki) Wormhole
(wiki) Soliton
(wiki) Alcubierre drive
(wiki) Harold G. White
(wiki) White-Juday warp-field interferometer

2021-03-12 - The world just moved even closer to a real, working warp drive -
2021-03-09 - Breaking the warp barrier: hyper-fast solitons in Einstein-Maxwell-plasma theory -
2021-03-09 - Warp drive basics -
2020-09-01 - Introducing physical warp drives -
2000-09-05 - The warp drive: hyper-fast travel within general relativity -


(wiki) Kardashev scale
(wiki) Dyson sphere
(wiki) Star lifting
(wiki) Stellar engine


Ames Research Center -
Armstrong Flight Research Center -
Glenn Research Center -
Goddard Space Flight Center -
Goddard Institute of Space Studies -
Katherine Johnson IV and V Facility -
Jet Propulsion Laboratory -
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Kennedy Space Center -
Langley Research Center -
Marshall Space Flight Center -
Michoud Assembly Facility -
NASA Engineering and Safety Center -
NASA Headquarters -
NASA Safety Center -
NASA Shared Services Center -
Plum Brook Station -
Stennis Space Center -
Wallops Flight Facility -
White Sands Test Facility -

2020-04-07 - Deceleration of Interstellar Spacecraft Utilizing Antimatter - (nasa)


(wiki) Spacetime
(wiki) Electrically powered spacecraft propulsion
(wiki) Piezoelectricity
(wiki) Lead zirconate titanate (PZT)
(wiki) Ferroelectric ceramics
(wiki) Barium titanate
(wiki) Czochralski method
(wiki) Single crystal
(wiki) London penetration depth
(wiki) Electrostatic generator
(wiki) Pelletron
(wiki) Thermoelectric generator
(wiki) Mossbauer effect
(wiki) Interstellar travel
(wiki) Salvatore Pais
(wiki) Aerospace engineering
(wiki) Bussard ramjet
(wiki) Fusion rocket
(wiki) Spacecraft
(wiki) Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program
(wiki) Hall-effect thruster
(wiki) Casimir effect
(wiki) Lamb shift
(wiki) EmDrive
(wiki) Quantum vacuum thruster
(wiki) Quantum field theory
(wiki) Quantum gravity
(wiki) Quantum mechanics
(wiki) Higgs mechanism
(wiki) Poynting vector
(wiki) Vacuum permittivity
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1985-01-31 - Antiproton Annihilation Propulsion -

Frontiers of Propulsion Science (Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics) - Marc Millis and Eric Davis - (amazon)

Prerequisites for Space Drive Science

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Classical and Quantum Gravity -
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(wiki) Klystron
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(wiki) Yamato 1
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